2002 Aston Martin Vanquish to ‘S’ Spec

We believe this car is unusual in that it is finished in a lovely Chiltern Green with Black Charcoal Leather and Burr Walnut Interior Veneer, itself a near £6,000 option.  It also has a full Aston Martin Service History mostly with Aston Works, other AM main dealers and one AM independent specialist, comes with 2 sets of keys, AM trickle Charger, tinted windows, AM First Aid Kit and a near new fully fitted AM indoor cover, plus, the very appropriate registration plate ‘V12 UNO’.

Importantly, this car boasts the AM Works SDP upgrade that brings this car up to ‘S’ specification.   For a mere £15,324(!) in 2005 at 17,500 miles, this car was awarded ‘S’ Spec Driving Dynamics suspension, braking and steering systems, revised road springs, shock absorbers, steering rack, front brake discs and pads, brake calipers and lightweight 9-spoke alloy road wheels.  Further, the suspension was rebuilt and all geometry readings reset to revised specification.

In addition to the comprehensive servicing that this car has received, further major works include the supply and fitment of a new gearbox and ASM assembly in 2008 at 31,500 miles with Aston Martin Works, Newport Pagnell.  The new ASM unit was fitted to a new gearbox, complete set-up was completed and new clutch and gearbox installed.  All removed items were reassembled, all control units refreshed and clutch learn procedure carried out.  £11,500 later, the new gearbox and clutch was in place.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly to the next custodian is the supply and fitment of a pair of Module Ptech units and reconditioned wiring harness which has future-proofed any likely future costs a Vanquish owner may expect to incur.  In 2013 at just 35,500 miles, more than £19,000 was invested on the Ptech units, 12 ignition coils, boot assembly kit and the work required for removing the engine to access the wiring harness, which itself was sent for specialist reconditioning.  The harness was refitted on return, as was the cradle and all associated parts, as was the engine, a new radiator and decouplers.  Most Vanquish owners or specialists will tell you that this is just about the most important job you could undertake to future-proof your car, and with ours it’s been done for you!

Our beautiful Aston Martin is available for immediate inspection and purchase.  It has had just five former keepers, and will be sold with a fresh MOT as the current expires in late August.


Service History:

11.03.02 @ 00098, Pre-delivery inspection, Stratstone London
17.07.02 @ 02751, Free Service, Aston Martin Mayfair
30.08.02 @ 03748, 7,500mile Service, AM Works Service
27.09.02 @ 04516, AM Works Service, fitted interior Burr Walnut Veneer Kit.
14.03.03 @ 07993, 15,000mile Service, AM Works Service
17.02.04 @ 15575, 22,500mile Service, AM Works Service
08.04.05 @ 17645, 30,000 mile Service, AM Works Service
12.04.05 @ 17645, AM Works Service fitted ‘S’ upgrades.
11.09.06 @ 22900, 37,500mile Service, HWM Walton-on-Thames
28.02.08 @ 27745, 45,000mile Service, AM Works Service
30.09.08 @ 31576, AM Works Service, Supply new gearbox and ASM assembly.
12.12.11 @ 35529, 52,500mile Service, AM Grange Brentwood
27.03.13 @ 35873, 60,000mile Service, AM Works
28.06.13 @ 35873, AM Works Service, Supplied and fitted Module Ptech units & wiring harness.
26.08.14 @ 36400, 67,500mile Service, AM Specialist BBO
21.07.15 @ 38480, 75,000mile Service, AM Works Service


Vehicle Description


Registration: V12 UNO
Chassis Number: SCFAC13372B500205
Engine Number: 00260
Number of cylinders: 12
CC: 5935cc
Year of Manufacture: 2002
Mileage: 41,200