New premises, new motor cars, and a brave new post-Brexit market…

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce that I have now succeeded in securing first-rate showroom and storage space from which to accommodate a greater number of cars in a Fort Knox-esque facility on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.  Fear not, I’m still only 12 miles from York railway station in a purpose-built facility from which to offer the most interesting, eclectic, best quality and best value motorcars I possibly can to those who understand what a privilege and honour it is to cherish and enjoy classic motor cars.  Please do come and visit for in addition to a hot cup of coffee, you’ll also be rewarded by some of of the best roads Britain has to offer as you pass through the most beautiful and dramatic landscape of North Yorkshire.

Not wishing to lower the tone with politics, but it has likely not escaped your notice that there’s been somewhat of a political shift in recent months, and suffice to say that, “Yes”, Brexit will have an impact on the classic car market as indeed it will have on every market, but unlike other industries, we’re fortunate that ours is predominantly led by devotees, and the outcome is far from all bad.  Whether a buyer or a seller, rest assured there is and will always continue to be a healthy enthusiast-led market which will continue to thrive as we all indulge in our passion.  It’s true that a handful of speculators will run for the hills, but the core market will certainly continue unhindered.

To that end, visit our full website to see our stocklist where we implore you to pay particular attention to our handsome ‘Q-Car’ 1961 Jaguar Mk.II 4.2, topical Lotus Cortina Mk.I and of course, the powerful 2002 Aston Martin Vanquish to factory ‘S’ Spec.

As always, I’m pleased to offer alternative services to buying and selling which include vehicle sourcing, vehicle inspections, valuations, and through my Landlord at York Classic Car Storage, we can even help you to house your classic car in a purpose-built facility.  See 

If you have a car which you think could benefit from being marketed and presented by MCC to our audience of active car-buyers then we currently have capacity at our secure saleroom for a selection of interesting and desirable motor cars, and would be pleased to hear from you to discuss in more detail….

Further, I continue to offer consultancy and consign motorcars to several of the auction houses, (though primarily Silverstone Auctions), and it is with them that I shall be attending Salon Privé in early September for which entries are still invited, but contact me quickly as the deadline is perilously close!

Finally, and indulgently, Some of you may remember that I married Louise in June, and we’d like to sincerely thank you all for your kind wishes.